Summer Solstice

Today I find myself celebrating our largest energy source only a quick 93 million miles away. Hello astronomical unit! This day sneaks up on me every year as I'm feeling fully invested in savoring each precious warm day in New England. 

Our herb garden is thriving and my favorite Campari tomatoes are shiny and bright. Lemon Balm is the newest addition to the little plant neighborhood. Hoping it will serve well with a tall glass of iced tea. Our Thai Basil had a rough start but is slowly gaining as much confidence as the Sweet Mint plant living next door. It's tough competition to run the race against our fearless and strong-willed Mint. However, I thank the sun we recognize today every time Mint makes its way into one of my homemade cocktails. 

Alas, we should swap our favorite summer drink recipes another time. I write to all of you today in an effort to recognize seasonal changes in the needs of our skin. Between dramatic temperature changes from the unyielding concrete jungle to the blasting air conditioning to the breezy ocean to the raging humidity. It's a wild ride for all layers of the dermis, especially when the sun kisses too much.

My summer evening routine consists primarily of a gentle cleansing and very light Maison serum application. During the warm months, I do not apply in the morning since I am often left with the feeling that I have sweat it off. Upon waking, I triumphantly mist Santé (like it's my job) and possibly a dab of sunscreen. While regular exercise cares for most of my seasonal exfoliation, I continue with a weekly enzymatic exfoliating mask, as needed. 

Wishing all of you a summer full of joyous moments.


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