Our Founder

Ballast is rooted in the belief that plant-based oils are not only a better option for your skin but also that oils of a higher quality yield better results. Specifically, a higher quality to us means that absolutely all our ingredients are as fresh as possible, never undergo solvent extraction, and are meticulously formulated. We offer peace of mind that every single one of our products is created without hidden ingredients potentially harmful to the dermis.

Ballast Skin was founded by Boston-based, Lauren Berry, whose career as a clinical psychologist evolved into a new form of therapeutic care. She started her own skincare collection  once she realized she was a healer of a different sort at heart.

Following in the footsteps of her parents, business owners for 35 years, she recognized that the marketplace had an opening for her borne-from-nature product line, using ethically sourced, high-end oils.

Since 2015 Berry has researched and developed face oil blends that she eagerly shared with friends and family. It wasn’t until she rekindled a connection with a close friend, that she was reminded how much of a positive impact her blends had on other’s skin health.  

A dear friend’s confidence put any residual fears to rest, and as a result, Ballast Skin was born.

The product line is made in Massachusetts, in celebration of beautiful skin everywhere.