The Ingredients


Moisture is our skin’s best ally, and the ideal moisturizer should provide a transformative experience, boosting hydration levels and providing enough thirst-quenching power to give skin a healthy and vibrant foundation.

While conventional personal care products that line drug store shelves often make boastful promises, many of the most commonly used products are in reality made of water and synthetic compounds that don’t often meet skin’s needs. Read more on our restricted ingredients.

Ballast Skin’s collection of natural oils was lovingly developed with the belief that ingredients harvested from natural sources are not only kinder to skin, but more effective as well.

The collection consists of products made from the best plant and nut oils – kukui, and tamanu, pressed from the fruit of a tropical nut, among them – selected specifically because they are rich in nutrients with plenty of healing potential.

A friendlier facial treatment

For many people, facial oil seems counterintuitive, especially those of us who struggle with oily skin.

But here’s the magic of oils. When we cleanse our skin, we often strip away the skin’s own moisturizer, called sebum, which keeps skin naturally hydrated. When levels of sebum are low, our body recognizes the skin’s need for more, and amps up production, often producing too much, causing oily skin.

Many oils harvested from nature have the same consistency as sebum, so they melt into the skin’s surface, easing symptoms of dry skin and naturally preventing oily skin.

Oils from nature serve a myriad of purposes. Not only do they provide gentle, non-toxic hydration that locks in natural moisture, preventing skin from producing excess sebum, they are also packed with fatty acids that create a protective layer over the skin’s surface, locking in that moisture and providing a bit of protection against the damaging pollutants we are exposed to every day.


Facial oil nutrients are superheroes for skin

Whether we realize it or not, our skin is bombarded by toxins on a daily basis, every time we step outside. The air, especially in urban settings, is rife with pollutants including car exhaust, cigarette smoke, industrial waste, and other poisons, all of which can wreak havoc on our skin, the largest and most sensitive of our body’s organs.

This is where facial oils have the opportunity to shine.

Natural oils are nutrient-dense liquid powerhouses packed with antioxidants that protect against toxins by fighting free radical activity that damages collagen and elastin, the two main proteins that make up the skin’s structural layer.

Triggered by toxins, free radicals are especially attracted to collagen and elastin, which are most vulnerable to damage from oxidative stress.

When collagen and elastin cells are injured, skin begins to appear less supple and less radiant, with a diminished ability to spring back. Fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots are more likely to appear.

The antioxidants found in nature, however, are a powerhouse for skin, fighting off free radicals while helping to repair existing damage.

Many oils also contain compounds that stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin, helping to put the brakes on unwelcome signs of aging by encouraging skin to heal.

Our serum is intentionally formulated with oils that are easily absorbed through the skin’s surface layer, they penetrate beneath that barrier layer to reach the skin’s structural layer – that’s where collagen and elastin levels are highest – so true healing can occur.

Ballast Skin facial oils and mists work in synergy with our skin’s protein cells to keep skin healthy and free from toxins, and help the skin we show to the world be its very best, naturally.

Give us a try, just for a few days, so you have time to reap the benefits of our thoughtfully-researched formulas, free from emulsifiers and harmful preservatives that can damage delicate skin.

We are hopeful that you and your radiant, fresh face will be hooked.